YENOLOGY.CO. as a leading freelance agency in Hong Kong is willing to connect talented designers with meaningful skills-based non-profit volunteer opportunities locally in order to help the new established* Non-Profit Organizations, Social Enterprises and Charity Organization to promote their services and sharing information online. We are providing standard web design services ( tidy organized layout design to enhance corporate image ) and 2 updating services + SEO friendly web coding ( same as the standard HTML packages ) as FREE^ for a good start of internet promotion. Interested parties please contact us at or call us for detail.


^ The operating costs of website ( hosting & domain services ) are NOT included in this volunteer program.
* Please noted that the eligible applicants need to apply the hosting ( SME1000 , HK$68/month ) & domain ( , HK$200/year ) services through us for two years to active the application. Even you are the existing organization, we can helping to develop the New CAMPAIGN / EVENT website.


香港網頁設計公司YENOLOGY的設計團隊及自由工作者均希望以專業獨特的設計技能回饋社會。本 義工計劃針對本港新成立*的非牟利機構﹑社會企業及各慈善團體,由我們協助提供網絡宣傳推廣的基礎服務 - 免費基本網頁設計 ( 配合整齊具組織的版面設計 ) 及兩次免費更新服務^。如對我們的義工服務有任何疑問,歡迎直接與我們 電話聯絡


^ 「網頁設計師義工計劃」不包括提供網站營運成本,即網頁寄存及網址註冊服務費用。

*  為確保服務不會被濫用,申請香港機構均須經我們申請兩年的網頁寄存( SME1000 , HK$68/月 )網址註冊( , HK$200/年 )服務方為合資格人仕。


YENOLOGY.CO. reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms contained in the program. | YENOLOGY.CO.保留一切網頁設計及其他相關網存服務之最終決定權。

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