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Web Design FAQ現時YENOLOGY提供的網上商店服務價錢及優缺點?

HK$3888/年或K STYLE(HK$6088/年)年費計劃用的模版:


A) YO!HOST系統 + 已設計的模版
HK$3888 / 每年 ( 這個是不能買斷的程式, 需每年收費 )
好處 : 便宜而且可以用到有設計的版面,創業者最為合適,後台管理簡單易用,自設選擇欄位多樣,不限於購買物品或服務(預約上堂﹑酒店民宿), 免費增值APP如MAIL CHIMP NEWSLETTER發佈系統連接﹑LIVE CHAT等
壞處 : 基本模版選擇少, 不能買斷。
這個價格只送首年網頁寄存服務(價值HK$936), 其後每年需要HK$3888+網頁寄存及網址註冊服務費, 有關這個程式的完整免費模版選擇網站 : www.yenology.net

B) YO!HOST系統 + W或J基本模版上需要少許度身設計改動的模版
HK$9404 / 每年 ( 這個是不能買斷的程式, 需每年收費 )
好處 : 適合初創網店而有需要有自己設計風格的客戶,有屬於自己的設計模版,後台管理簡單易用,自設選擇欄位多樣,不限於購買物品或服務(預約上堂﹑酒店民宿), 免費增值APP如MAIL CHIMP NEWSLETTER發佈系統連接﹑LIVE CHAT等
壞處 : 不能買斷。
這個價格每年已包括網站寄存HOSTING(價值HK$936)及網址註冊續期費用, 會在基本模版設計上由我們協助加上自己的元素, 而模版選擇可查看 : www.yenology.net

C) CP 已完善發展的網上商店系統
HK$ 18800 ( 買斷整個程式連W 或J TEMPLATE ) 或加HK$8880起 ( 度身設計起步價 ) ( 這個是可供買斷的程式﹑一次性收費 )
好處 : 版面設計因應客戶的圖片而定, 後台功能龐大管理簡單易用, 一些服務公司如酒店BOOKING / 補習服務 / DATING公司都可以活用,自設選擇欄位多樣,不限於購買物品或服務(預約上堂﹑酒店民宿), 免費增值APP如MAIL CHIMP NEWSLETTER發佈系統連接﹑LIVE CHAT等
壞處 : 比較昂貴,需先了解客戶整體功能需要或設計,沒有模版參考
實例 : www.i-magazine.tv
三個方案的完整功能 :

General Features:
Unlimited Products/ Staff Logins/ Sell in Multiple Currencies/

Secure Checkout / Single Page Checkout/ Custom Form Fields/ Customer can search and browse order history/ Guest or anonymous checkout option/ Forced Registration Checkout/ Quote Cart, i.e. Ordering disabled, prices replaced with "Call for Pricing"/ Customer Registration/ Customer Accounts/ Agree to Terms During Checkout/ One Click Re-Ordering

Order Management:
Set Min/Max Order Quantities/ Accept Pre-Orders / Order Messaging System/ Export Orders (CSV/XML)/ International Orders/ Order Notification Emails/Order Status Change Emails for Customers/ Tracking Number for Orders/ Limit Shipping to Certain Countries/ Specify Order Handling Fees/ Invoices & Packing Slips

Supported Payment Methods:
Bank deposit /Cash on delivery /Cheque /Money order /Pay in store / PAYPAL ( Visa /Mastercard /American Express )/Store Credit ( Offline payment only, Paypal is not supported, Required to use coupon code instead )

Supported Shipping Methods:
Flat-Rate Per Country/ Flat-Rate Per Order/ Free Shipping/ Fee Per Item/ Ship by Weight/ Ship by Order Total

Returns Management (RMA):
Customers Can Submit Return Requests from Your Store/ Customizable Return Instructions/ Customizable Return Reasons/ Customizable Return Actions/ Advanced Returns Processing/ Returns Notifications by Email for Store Owner/Issue Store Credit for Returns

Inventory Control:
Per-Product Inventory Levels/ Per-Variation Inventory Levels/ "Out of Stock" Messages/ Low Stock Warning Emails/

Product Management:
Sell Physical & Downloadable Products/ Unlimited Photos Per Product/ Bulk Product Editing/ Product Variations Unlimited Files Per Downloadable Product/ Limit Access to Downloadable Products/ Expiry Dates on Downloadable Products/ Product Reviews/ Product in Multiple Categories/ Set Product's Cost, Retail & Sale Prices/ Automatic Thumnail Image Creation/ Manually Specify a List of Related Products/ Per-Product Custom Fields/ Specify Sort Order/Hide Pricing Per-Product/

Customer Management:
Advanced Customer Search/ Customer Order History/ Store Credits System/ Customer Groups w/ Discounts & Access Permissions

Promotions & Marketing:
Discount Rules/ Banner Management/ Coupon Codes/ Newsletter Subscriptions/

Content Management System:
Create Web Pages/ Contact Form Creation/ Syndicated Web Pages/ News

Management Analytics Integration:
Store Overview/ Top Customers/ Best Selling Products/Orders by Items Sold/ Popular Products/ Inventory Reporting/ Customer Signups/ Revenue Per Customer/ Search Statistics/ Search Keyword Performance/

In-Store Features:
Wish Lists/ Quick Search Box/ Order History/ Active Order Tracking/ Unlimited Billing & Shipping Addresses/ Ship to Multiple Addresses/ Recently Views Products List/ Newsletter Subscriptions ( Member Emails export as CSV or link up Mailchimp system )/ Order Messaging System/ Add Multiple Items to Cart at Once

Gift Certificates:
Enable/Disable Functionality/ Choose Which Gift Certificate Values You Sell/ Custom Gift Certificate Values/ Expiry Dates/ Customizable Themes( Default )

Store Customization & Layout:
CSS-Based Layouts/ Customize Email Messages/ Built-In WYSIWYG Editor

- 以上3個ONLINE STORE的管理後台是以英文為主, "C"系統可以提供額外收費的中文版本後台
- 以上價格是 版面一個語言的成本, 如需額外多一個語言將收取整體程式設計收費額外40%
- 以上價格是以兼容手機界面(Compatible Website(即手機會看到與桌面相同的版面,設計效果JQUERY EFFECTS都可以在手機運作)如需要一個特定專屬手機界面需要根據設計額外收費
- 客戶需要提供實際"設計需要" 及 "功能需要" 讓我們為您衡量哪個系統比較合適
- 所有由YENOLOGY提供的網上商店服務需同時選用我們合作伙伴的網頁寄存或伺服器,否則我們不會接納客戶申請
- 所以年費計劃下的程式及設計都不會給予客戶備份,如果您需要留下備份請申請買斷價格服務,支付完整程式及設計費用




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