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Dedicated IP : 1 IP
CPU Vcore : 1
Server Storage : 25GB
Backup VM Snapshots : 25GB
Server Bandwidth : Unlimited
CPanel License : Yes
Backup & Restore : Yes
Multiple Domains : Yes

1000 MB

2 GB

4 GB

8 GB


15 GB

500 GB

1000 GB

4000 GB


20 E-mail accounts

60 E-mail accounts

120 E-mail accounts

180 E-mail accounts

3 FTP accounts

60 FTP accounts

120 FTP accounts

180 FTP accounts


The dedicated cloud server is suitable for customers who needs programme back-up and restore services.

10 Sub-domains

60 Sub-domains

120 Sub-domains

無限 Unlimited


3 MySQL Databases

60 MySQL Databases

120 MySQL Databases

180 MySQL Databases


YENOLOGY EXTRA SERVICES : ( Suitable to all the above web hosting and email services package  )

Enhance the overall performance of Web Design - SEO-friendly coding support, apply to all the popular search engines (YAHOO! / GOOGLE / BING)  /

SITEMAP support, robot.txt support, practical information to guide the search engine results  /

Webmaster tools, full support from the GOOGLE analysis tools and report, reliable access to relevant pages of the wet state and performance  /

META TAG recommendation for homepage, standard search engine optimization SEO provided  /



WEB HOSTING FEATURES : ( Suitable to all the above web hosting and e-mail services package  )

Support all kind of web coding : HTML,CGI,Perl JavaScript,PHP,Flash / Database provided,MySQL database and phpMyAdmin tool / Password Protect Directories /

Network drives, shared drives on different computers and support drag or drop files that stored in server /

Support FTP, FTPS, Frontpage Extensions, Dreamweaver Extensions / Latest visitor statistics, lists 300 visitors within 24 hours of the latest visitor information /

Support Sub Domain, e.g. : / URL forwarding, support forwarding the original site to other website design /

Error message page, such as visitors enter the wrong link or information, you can display your own error page / Website statistics , provide Webalizer and Analog /

Raw counts recorded files, download the original file information such as account record information for all visitors, using in other website analysis tool /


CPANEL WEBSITE MANAGEMENT TOOLS  : ( Suitable to all the above web hosting and e-mail services package )

E-mail management. Create, delete, modify, forwarding, auto-addressed, set disk space usage & password, e-mail form and auto-configure your e-mail account /

FTP account management. Support FTP FTPS to set the folder location, user, password, connection and FTP e-mail account /

Driver management, set the folder location, user, password, andthe network drive in your computer /

Support the online web file management, create new folder, copy, move, upload, download, delete, rename, edit, code editor, HTML editor, change permissions,

view, extract and compress files /

Support the latest visitors ( Access Log ), the Error Log and analysis the use of data / Support sub domain, forwarding address and DNS records management /

Support 14 languages interfaces in control panel, including simplified Chinese, English, German, Spanish, French, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian etc. /

Support MYSQL DATABASE management, create, delete, modify, authorized users and PHP MyAdmin /

Support website security management, password protection for folders, IP Deny Manager, SSL, hotlinking protection /

Image adjustment, error webpages management, Cronjob management, FrontPage management / Support PC browser, IPad and ad mobile interface /


WEBMAIL FEATURES : ( Suitable to all the above web hosting and e-mail services package )

Optimized e-mail system that can handle 10 million mails easily / Support POP3, IMAP, IMAPS / Support POP3 and IMAP Special to send and receive emails /

Support SMTP to send email / Support SMTP Special Port to send and receive e-mail /

Support Webmail System, send and receive e-mail / Support online changes of e-mail account, password and usage quota / Support MailLogs monitoring /

Provide virus filtering / Support e-mail forwarding and unlimited email Aliases / Support non-existing email account rule setting /

Provide automatic reply feature, set the contents and starting or stopping time / Support PC and MAC platforms of setting E-mail account in your own computer /

Support BoxTrapper, e-mail sender authentication / Support email authentication (SPF), identify the sender for combating the spread of spam / World's spam filter /

Webmail interface for mobile ad hoc / Support iPhone、iPad、Android、Windows Phone、BlackBerry and Symbian /


Original Dell Xeon servers and 32GB memories of self-monitoring. When the system detects a failure of service, it will try to restart high-availability features automatically. Once the server fails, the system transferred to your server to other servers on the 10GB network. Under the greatly requirements of growth rate of data transmission, the server enhanced to 10GB system which setting the framework of building our network firewall. In high security - Juniper Service Gateway Prevention System, you can find the multi-network defense and filtering capabilities to protect your important data and UPS back-up power of the original site. It's also provide N +1 UPS backup power of the original system. If a power failure detected, the auto converting to the generator website will start monitor in 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for whole year-round monitoring of multiple servers and network traffic point data evaluation. Our network monitoring systems located in different regions for monitoring connection speed. If you want to learn more information, please feel free to contact us.

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